About Us

The RaceTech Drone team is made up of engineers and professional outside broadcast camera operators – all with many years of experience of developing solutions for sports. RaceTech comes from a horse racing background – sixty years of camera patrol and Outside Broadcast for the benefit of the industry – for integrity purposes, for broadcasters and for racecourse television programmes. This wealth of experience has now been brought to bear on developing new technologies and adapting technologies for racing to enhance the viewer experience and appeal to new and target audiences in a creative and innovative way.

Clive Matthews

Clive has been working with RaceTech for many years and over that time, has been involved in developing and rolling out a variety of new innovations, involving both sound and vision. A keen model aircraft flyer, he was ideally placed to develop the method of safe operation which has been approved by the CAA. This allows RaceTech to operate drones commercially within the UK.

Clive is nominated Chief Pilot in the RaceTech Operations Manual and oversees the safe operation of the drone and pilot training.

Mark Armstrong

Mark has assisted the development of the RaceTech Drone from its first flight. A certified BMFA pilot, he acts as Co-Pilot and Observer. His role is paramount in ensuring the safety of each operation and Mark’s experience with both the technical aspects and operational procedures are an essential component of the RaceTech Drone proposition.

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